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Sitges, much more than a holiday destination

The hotel's surroundings are imbued with an atmosphere of tranquility and elegance.

Sitges is the ideal destination to enjoy the beach, history, nature and traditions at the same time

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Sitges beach

Sitges Beach, bathed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean, offers an idyllic setting where the sun shines brightly and the waves caress the golden coast. With its charm and cozy atmosphere, Sitges Beach is an essential destination for lovers of the sea and the good life.

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Parc natural garraf SW

Garraf Natural Park

In the heart of the Garraf Natural Park, nature unfolds its beauty in a symphony of colors and sounds, offering a refuge of serenity and nature. Its trails wind through lush forests and crystal-clear waterfalls, inviting you to explore every corner with admiration and respect.
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Sin Street

The bustling Calle del Pecado is the main area of ​​bars, restaurants and nightlife in Sitges, ideal for those who want to spend some time dancing or having a drink. This neighborhood is full of emblematic neighborhoods that have been open for several decades.

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Route of the Americans

Along the American Route, the footsteps of the past echo in each old hacienda and plantation, reminding us of the mark left by those who forged stories of greatness and tragedy. Between idyllic landscapes and majestic buildings, this path immerses us in a fascinating journey through the colonial legacy and the influence of American culture in the region.
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